The Hamptons Want Some Stimulus


First Greenwich, now the Hamptons? Aspen, it’s only a matter of time…

The East Hampton Star: With dramatic winter erosion continuing to threaten houses all along Sagaponack’s coastline, residents of property there are taking a fresh look at old solutions and coming up with new ideas for how to get the money to pump sand back onto their sand-starved beaches.

…. “We put 15,000 cubic yards of sand on the beach this fall in Wainscott and all of it’s gone,” Mr. Penny said.

In Sagaponack, homeowners are facing similar threats but are looking at both short-term and long-term solutions. One of the more creative ideas on the table is Gary Ireland’s proposal to include a beach nourishment project by the Army Corps of Engineers in the new presidential administration’s economic stimulus package.

 “Basically it’s the same as a project proposed in the 1960s to address the destruction of beaches to the inland. It would recreate levees destroyed in the 1938 Hurricane,” Mr. Ireland, an attorney, said last week.

He said he has raised the issue with the offices of Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Tim Bishop and with town and village officials. “It’s a perfect opportunity, in my mind, to capitalise on the stimulus package brought forward and to complete the project as envisioned by the Army Corps and Congress a long time ago,” Mr. Ireland said.

 Will Jenkins, a spokesman for Mr. Bishop, confirmed last week that the congressman and Mr. Ireland had met, but said it had been agreed that there would be no specific projects benefiting a district, or “earmarks,” in this bill.”

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Image from Susan Pear Meisel and Eileen Harris, “Hamptons: Life Behind the Hedges”