The Guys Who Made Twitter Huge Just Leased This Gleaming Space For Their Next Project, Obvious Corp



Evan Williams and Biz Stone got rich(er) and famous for their time building short-form blogging startup Twitter.Now building a new company: Obvious Corp.

Obvious Corp is an incubator for more ideas like Twitter and the first startup Williams created, Blogger.

The first product it’s created is called Medium, which is kind of like Quora or Tumblr, but fancier.

To house all these great ideas, Obvious Corp just leased a massive, 75,000 square foot office in San Francisco’s “Flatiron Building” on 760 Market street.

They did the deal with Thor Equities CEO Joseph Sitt, who is best known for his real estate New York deals, but is obviously (!) now getting it done in San Francisco, too.

This is what the address looks like on street level

Up the street, downtown San Francisco

Down the street, quieter neighborhoods.

Here's the floor plan. Two showers! Charging stations!

Here's the reception area. The space feels wide open

It's a tech startup, so the kitchen has to be immaculate

The board room isn't bad either

Here's where employees will work in low cubicles.

That's a nice space, but check out Google's latest office…

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