The Guys Behind 'Entourage' Are Creating A New Comedy About Legalizing Marijuana—Here's Today's Buzz

  • HBOAfter becoming legal in both Colorado and Washington, Fox is now developing a weed-themed comedy, titled “The Happy Tree” — a half-hour effort from “Entourage” trio Mark Wahlberg, Steve Levinson and Rob Weiss, which will centre on a hotshot attorney who quits his day job following a nervous breakdown and seeks a life of peace and serenity in Venice Beach — only to find himself the unlikely voice for the movement to legalise marijuana.
  • Oksana Baiul is suing William Morris endeavour Agency for at least $1 million, claiming they locked her into a series of contracts in 1994 when she was 16 — and she didn’t understand the paperwork because of her poor grasp of the English language. Baiul claims WME has not paid in full her for work on several projects, including the Oksana Baiul Jewelry Collection, various TV specials, greeting cards and two books. Oksana claims she only realised the misdeeds when she hired a new personal manager in 2011 … who launched an investigation into her finances.
  • When Judd Apatow was first getting started in the ‘biz 22 years ago, the first thing he wrote was a “Simpsons” spec script. The story involved Homer getting hypnotized to think he’s Bart’s age and in turn becoming Bart’s best friend. Apatow says that after hearing this story recently, “The Simpsons” people are in fact going to make the episode next year.
  • The fifth instalment of “Paranormal Activity” will be released October 25, 2013 — just in time for Halloween.
  • The owners of the Robert Rodriguez action movie “Machete” have filed a $2 million lawsuit against the filmmaker’s production company for allegedly stiffing it on tax credits and lying about the budget of the in-the-works sequel “Machete Kills.”

they locked her into a series of contracts back in 1994 when she was 16 … and she didn’t understand the paperwork because of her poor grasp of the English language.

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  •  Kate Upton is starring in a Super Bowl ad for Mercedes Benz, despite the fact that the 20-year-old can’t even legally drive.
  • Katy Perry brings John Mayer home to Santa Barbara for the holidays and shows off a local … church?

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