The Guy Who Saw The Brawl Between James Packer And David Gyngell Is Getting Odd Looks At Bondi Beach

James Packer’s shiner. Picture: Tom Steinfort/Twitter

A key witness to the James Packer/David Gyngell street fight has decided not to make a statement to the police.

Chris Walker, who lives directly across the road from the Packer Bondi Beach residence on Sir Thomas Mitchell Road, saw the brawl unfold.

He says the police made contact but he decided not to make a voluntary statement. Besides, most of the information is already out in public domain, with a film clip and photographs taken.

“I am not volunteering a statement to the police,” Walker, a business coach, says. “There’s nothing I can add.”

Chris Walker

He says he’s getting a few mixed looks when he walks around Bondi at the moment.

“It’s Bondi,” he says. “People in Bondi go with the flow a lot. I’ve been looked at by people in the street as if to say: ‘You bastard, you dobbed on your neighbour’.”

On Sunday afternoon, Chris Walker was disturbed by the shouts of a man. It sounded like another crazy or just another drug affected street person.

Walker’s apartment looks straight at the Packer residence.

“The security people at the house were disturbed by him and approached him very passively to move on,” Walker says.

“He had said something and I couldn’t hear it from where I was but he said something which made the guy go back inside.

“He was screaming and ranting … and I’m thinking this is a police matter because the guy is really out of control.

“This went on for five or ten minutes and I’m waiting for the police to arrive because I thought the security guard would have rung them.

“The next think I know a black limo rolls up and, before it stops, Packer flies out the door and they just ran at each other and it’s on.”

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