The guy who first hacked the iPhone is now making a Tesla beater

Bloomberg Business / Screenshot

George Hotz, 26, the first person to ever hack an iPhone, is now taking on Tesla and Google with a self-driving car he built in his garage.

Bloomberg has an awesome profile on Hotz, also known as “Geohat”, known for kicking off jailbreaking for iPhone, which gave owners the ability to put custom apps on phones.

His latest project though revolves around turning ordinary cars into driverless ones. He thinks he can do it for around $US1000.

The driverless system works very differently from similar autonomous cars on the market already, such as Tesla’s Model S, which relies on pre-programmed driving rules the car must follow.

Hotz’s system uses artificial intelligence instead, learning how a human drives to set how it does so in an autonomous mode. The obvious problem with this is that humans can be poor drivers and the last thing you want to do is program a driverless car that picks up on those bad habits and doesn’t indicate when merging or check blindspots.

His current test car is an Acura ILX – think Honda Accord – which has been equipped with several sensors and a computer running a variant of Linux.

Read more here, including how he turned down a multimillion-dollar job offer by Elon Musk to work on Tesla’s Autopilot system.