The Guy Who Tried To Take On Microsoft Over Windows Rules Eats Crow


Photo: Butupa, Flickr

So much for open defiance against Microsoft. Guise Bule, CEO of TuCloud, has been forced to apologise, reports Ars Technica.He was ticked off that Microsoft had let a competitor, OnLive, offer a free cloud version of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to iPad users.

OnLive was violating Microsoft’s licensing rules that all the other cloud providers had to live by. 

So he vowed to do the same.

But OnLive didn’t really get away with it. Microsoft called them out. And last month, OnLive bent to Microsoft’s will and started using the same flavour of Windows that every other Windows cloud desktop provider uses.

At first Bule had planned to go ahead and launch his new service anyway, which promised a cheap version of Windows—daring Microsoft to sue. Not so anymore. He told Ars he was getting ready to apologise.

Bule’s site, Desktops On Demand, is still up, though, promising to go live in 7 days.

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