The Guy Marissa Mayer Hired To Deal With Ad Agencies Will Ignore 'Important Emails From Senior Agency Executives'

According to a story from Ad Age’s Jason Del Rey, executives at the ad agencies that pay Yahoo billions of dollars each year are not happy with Yahoo’s top two executives, CEO Marissa Mayer and COO Henrique De Castro.

Agency sources tell Del Rey that, over her first eight months at Yahoo, Mayer has ignored them to an extent other companies dependent on ad spending do not.

One source told Del Rey that De Castro will even ignore emails from top agency executives.

Here are a couple particularly tough quotes from the story:

  •  “I don’t know what their strategy is, but if it includes agencies then they are going to have to fix what they currently have.”
  • “I continue to be astonished at how lackadaisical they are in dealing with us. And not just Henrique; Marissa too. They don’t think agencies are important.”

For what it’s worth, we’ve heard similar complaints from agency execs. One told us that Mayer showed up late to an important meeting with an agency boss at CES this year.

The problem with the situation is that Marissa Mayer doesn’t really like working on anything other than product. She didn’t at Google, and she doesn’t at Yahoo.   Meanwhile, De Castro, we hear from everyone, is a touch awkward in inter-personal situations.   At the end of Del Rey’s story, there’s a comment from Yahoo, in which the company says its hired an agency relations team to fix some of these issues.   That’s a smart first step; but the fact is agency people have big egos, so it might not work.

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