Donald Trump called this guy fat and kicked him out of a rally -- and that wasn't the worst part of his day

The guy who Donald Trump called “overweight” after he was removed from a rally in Worcester, Massachusetts last week said he didn’t “give a single solitary f*** about what (Trump) thinks or says.”

What actually bothered Sam — he wasn’t willing to reveal his full-name — were statements he heard in the crowd.

“Some of the things the dude behind me said (included) kill all Muslims, I wish I had my piece on me, dude I want to kill someone so bad,” Sam, who also goes by his pen name Malt Schlitzmann, told INSIDER. “The psychology of his supporters is they will drive a tank through an orphanage if they think they’re morally justified in doing so. And that terrifies me.”

He said he wasn’t totally sure if he was going to protest when he went to the event, but couldn’t hold back after Trump got the audience to cheer for the idea of killing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a controversial figure who some believe was a traitor to the US military.

“What do we do with Sgt. Bergdahl 50 years ago? That’s right. Boom. Boom,” Trump said to a roaring cheer from the large crowd. “Boom. He’s gone.”

Trump later transitioned into talking about the unemployment rate in the US as well as how many Americans are on food stamps.

That’s when Sam started yelling at Trump.

“They’re on food stamps because of you,” Sam said he fired back at the time.

He was immediately removed by security from the event. Sam said he didn’t stop shouting until he was in the hallway outside of the venue.

That’s when Trump said, “You know, it’s amazing. I mention food stamps and that guy who’s seriously overweight went crazy.”

Sam, who’s a school teacher, said he wasn’t bothered at all by Trump’s insult, even adding that he was much heavier when he bought the suit he was wearing to the event.

He wanted to go to the rally in the first place so he could learn more about Trump’s supporters and, more importantly, why they are glued to the message Trump is spreading. Sam said he wasn’t there specifically to hear the GOP front-runner speak.

“The thing Trump is really good at is getting otherwise rational people to clamp down harder on their fears and prejudices,” he said. “These people aren’t monsters, they’re completely normal. But for whatever reason, they let their fears drive them.”

He strongly believes Trump could be the Republican nominee. If so, he will “steamroll” Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

“This country is so sexist, like you’ve heard how he talked about Megyn Kelly,” he said. “He’s going to go so hard for Hillary.”

Story by Allan Smith. Editing by Stephen Parkhurst.

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