This High-Tech Necklace Can Help You Ditch A Bad Date

Stuck on a bad date? A new device aims to solve that problem with a bit of clever technology.

The Guardian Angel is a silver pendant that connects with a phone app.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or just want to end a terrible conversation, press a secret button on the pendant and the app will call you, giving you the perfect excuse to ditch out.

The pendant can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, and if the situation veers towards dangerous, you can hold down the button, which will send a message to a friend with your GPS coordinates.

The product was designed by an ad agency called JWT Singapore, and was the end result of a campaign educating women about date rape.

“Some young women may not feel confident enough to tell a guy — especially one they know or think they may like, or is part of an extended social group — who’s starting to get drunk and too touchy to shove off,” JWT’s chief creative officer Valerie Cheng told Fast Company.

Depending on how you want to wear it, the pendant is priced anywhere from $US120 to $US180.

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