The Growing Gap In Price Between IPhones And Android Phones

Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android powered ~94% of all smartphones shipped last year, according to IDC. Of that, Android powered phones were 79% of smart phones shipped which is impressive.

But, arguably even more impressive, analyst Tavis McCourt estimates that Apple took 87% of all smartphone profits. Samsung took 32.2% of the industry’s profits. Yes, that’s more than 100% because everyone else is losing money.

So how is this happening? How is Apple collecting all of the money? This chart from our partners at Statista should explain it. The price gap between an iPhone and an Android phone has grown through the years. Today, the average selling price for an Android is just $US276. An iPhone goes for $US650.

In the long run, we’re not sure how Apple maintains its premium pricing if it wants to get iPhone sales cranking again. It has largely sold out its high end market. From now own, it will rely on churning its user base and picking up new customers here and there.

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