Gamification: Companies Of All Sizes Are Using This Strategy To Win Customers And Pummel Competitors

Gamification, the use of game elements to promote desired behaviours among customers and employees, has been a popular business strategy for decades.
Loyalty programs, cereal box prizes, employee-of-the-month schemes, hidden tokens within apps — these are all examples.
But the always-on digital and smartphone age has vastly expanded opportunities for gamification.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence on the mobile gamification, we explain how gamification represents the fusion of four trends: the explosion of social media usage, the mobile revolution, the rise of big data, and the emergence of wearable computing. We analyse the elements that are critical to a winning gamification strategy, look at the various typology of mobile gamification uses, and detail how to quantify the impact of gamification tactics.

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Here’s an overview of the state of mobile gamification:

In full, the report:

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