How I became the (self-proclaimed) world champion of selfies

A Rod Selfie Hunter WalkerMy selfie with A-Rod.

On Sunday, I pulled off what I believe was the finest selfie performance in history.

Sorry Ellen.

Allow me to explain. Within the span of three hours I managed to achieve not one, but two epic selfies.

My selfie hot streak took place at Yankee Stadium. I was there to attend the Yankees’ game against the Angels and the team’s annual “Photo Day” celebration.

This event involves fans being permitted to attend batting practice. At the practice, some players come up and take photos with the fans.

I had one picture I wanted — a selfie with designated hitter Alex Rodriguez.

When I saw him walking by, I asked Rodriguez if he would take a selfie with me and he obliged.

Normally, a shot with a huge, controversial celebrity would be the pinnacle of anyone’s selfie day. However, about two hours later, I managed an even more impressive feat of selfie strength.

In the fifth inning, I saw the cameraman who takes video for the Yankee Stadium Jumbotron approaching the area where I was sitting. He had his eye on two gentlemen who were sitting behind me, but I had never made it on the Jumbotron. I knew I had to get on the screen and that it would not be complete without a selfie.

Of course, having my phone in the picture would completely ruin my Jumbotron experience and the resulting selfie. I would have to hold my phone away from myself.

With lightning fast reflexes, I opened my phone’s camera, held it outward in my hand, and aimed it at the Jumbotron. When the cameraman came up and began filming the men behind me, I leaned back, made a “number one” gesture with my free hand, and attempted to repeatedly take pictures on my phone with the other. Since I wasn’t looking at my phone, I could not tell whether I got the shot.

Jumbotron SelfieHunter WalkerThe reverse Jumbotron selfie.

My selfie hand was strong.

After the cameraman left, I saw that I managed to capture several pictures of my brief Jumbotron cameo.

It was a “Reverse Jumbotron Selfie,” or what professionals refer to as an “RJS.”

Soon after I appeared on the Jumbotron, my beloved Yankees went on a tear and rallied to recover from a 2-1 deficit. Coincidence? I think not.

I believe obtaining a selfie with A-Rod followed by a Reverse Jumbotron Selfie may be an unparalleled performance in the history of the selfie art form.

Do you agree or do you think you’ve done better? Let me know in the comments below.

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