The Great Mystery Of Google's Australian Directors

There’s a report by journalist Michael West over at the SMH’s Business Day trying to disentangle some of the questions around Google Australia’s tax payments. The topic has been the subject of incessant questions for the tech giant here in Australia and overseas for years.

Company chairman Eric Schmidt has taken questions on this issue publicly in the UK, where Google’s tax payments have also been heavily scrutinised, and said that taxes are “not optional” and that the company pays what it is obligated to pay. This is similar to what the company says in Australia when asked about its tax bill.

But West’s piece also delves into the mystery of the tech behemoth’s Australian directors.

Google’s most senior executive in Australia, Maile Carnegie (previously at P&G), has the title “managing director” but isn’t an official company director.

The SMH tried to visit Google Australia director Mark Stewart Tucker on Saturday at his house in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He wasn’t home.

Tucker is the company’s only Australian-based director with the other two named only as Sucherman and Marocco, both living in California.

It is understood Tucker doesn’t have a day-to-day role at the Australian entity which provides local R&D, sales and marketing to its US parent Google Inc. Tucker is involved in the accounting, statutory reporting and auditing side of the company.

It isn’t unusual for an international company to have a mix of local and international directors.

There’s more here.

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