18 Pictures Of Celebrities Getting Windblown At 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere In Cannes

Cindy Crawford Windblown Cannes Gatsby red carpetIt was Cindy Crawford vs. the wind during opening night of the Cannes Film Festival.

The 2013 Cannes Film Festival opened this week with a star-studded “Great Gatsby” premiere.

But the red carpet was showered by rain and hit by windy weather.

Through it all, celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Carey Mulligan, Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio tried to maintain their glamorous red carpet looks.

But it wasn’t always possible.

See what happened when a windy rainstorm hit the Cannes Film Festival’s most glamorous night.

The rain picked up, but the dancers kept on.

Actress Carey Mulligan quickly grabbed an umbrella.

As did her co-stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Elizabeth Debicki.

Just in the nick of time before it started to downpour!

Even the umbrellas promoted their film.

Nicole Kidman held her own umbrella while standing with Cannes jury president Steven Spielberg — who had a personal umbrella holder.

Actress Zhang Yuqi thought it was fun!

Model Cara Delevingne used the wind to her benefit and posed hard.

But not as hard as Cindy Crawford.

Who looked like she was in a wind tunnel.

David Hasselhoff's date had her hair blown around, too.

And Julianne Moore couldn't control her dress.

Solange Knowles managed to use the wind in her favour to showcase her gown.

Luckily, the red carpet was semi-covered.

But at points where it wasn't, there were plenty of personal umbrella holders on-hand.

The film didn't just premiere in Cannes.

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