Amazing Before And After Images Of The Visual Effects In 'The Great Gatsby'

leonardo dicaprio great gatsby blue screen

Mostly everything you see in Baz Luhrmann’s update to “The Great Gatsby” is CGI. 

While some of the film may have appeared to be shot in location in New York, the only minimal filming took place in Sydney, Australia.

Chris Godfrey, the visual effects supervisor on the film, released a before and after reel showcasing the amount of work that went into bringing the film to life. 

From the simple backdrops to entire buildings, most of Gatsby’s great American dream was no more than a visual spectacle.

This recognisable shot of Tom Buchanan's lawn from the opening of nearly every trailer ...

... was nothing more than an empty field without a mansion.

And that wide expanse of lush shrubbery in the Buchanan yard ...

... was nothing more than a blue screen.

The same goes for Gatsby's fairytale mansion.

It was just that. A fairytale.

It took a lot of imagination on set to pretend this blank slate with just a few cars ...

... was the heart of New York City during the roaring '20s.

See that bridge to the left?

It was nothing but green screen.

This setting looks most familiar ...

... as the valley of ashes DiCaprio drives through to get from West Egg to New York City.

Even the majority of Gatsby's ornate mansion ...

... was nothing more than an elaborate set piece.

So it should be little surprise the background surrounding the organ player in Gatsby's home ...

... looked so similar to 'The Great Gatsby' album and marketing artwork.

Not even the trumpet player jammed out in a real night sky.

He was playing tunes to a blank canvas.

Tobey Maguire was never in any real danger on that apartment ledge.

There was a man safely in sight along with a ladder.

Those cool car scenes on the bridge ...

... didn't take place on an actual bridge.

In fact, there was a fan used to make it appear DiCaprio and Maguire were speeding along.

Even the simplest of scenes had a blue screen.

What a difference.

Part of this dock ...

... was the only thing that existed in this scene.

No need to film out in the open ...

... when you can just add a blue screen.

When Leonardo DiCaprio's Gatsby was looking out at the green light ...

... he was really looking at blue.

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