The government's 'countering violent extremism' centre emailed Australian Muslims wishing them 'happy Ramadan'

The email from the attorney-general’s department.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began yesterday, a celebration of the time when God gave the Prophet Mohammed the first verses of the holy text the Quran.

Over the next month, many of the 380,000 Muslims in Australia will be fasting between sunrise as sunset, as they focus on prayer, charity and family.

It seems the office of federal attorney-general George Brandis was eager to join the celebrations, with three members of his department’s countering violent extremism centre, which runs the “Living Safe Together” initiative, emailing Muslims to wish them a “blessed Ramadan”.

Western Sydney psychologist and university lecturer in religion Hanan Dover posted a copy of the email on her Facebook page, calling it “absolutely nuts”.

“It’s not even subtle, it’s deliberate. Muslims cannot be wished a happy Ramadan by the Government without referencing violence and terrorism,” she wrote.

Here’s her post:

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