The Government Is Still Polling Badly After It Spent Two Weeks Selling Its Budget

Prime Minister Tony Abbott listens to a question from a reporter during a press conference (Paul Kane-Pool/ Getty)

The latest Newspoll shows the Coalition’s primary vote remains at a 4½-year low of 36% after it handed down its first budget.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey have spent the past two weeks trying to sell their tough budget which, according to the poll, remains unpopular.

Conducted for The Australian, the poll shows Labor’s primary vote at 37%.

It also shows the Coalition behind Labor 46% to 54% on a two-party basis, which takes into account preference flows from the election last year.

The numbers are not as extreme as those published immediately after the budget, but still have Opposition Leader Bill Shorten out ahead as preferred prime minister.

Abbott has described the budget as a necessary pain, though it was given the worst voter reception in more than 20 years, as you can see in this chart from Goldman Sachs.

There’s more here.

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