The government is spending $171 million to save The Great Barrier Reef

Photo: Mark Kolbe/ Getty Images.

The Great Barrier Reef, currently hit by widespread bleaching believed to have been caused by warmer sea water, gets $171 million extra in the budget.

Environment minister Greg Hunt says the money will fund projects to help make the reef more resilient.

He says this is part of a projected $2 billion to be spent on the reef over the next decade.

“The Reef 2050 Plan and the Reef Trust are already addressing key threats to the reef by improving water quality and coastal habitats, mitigating outbreaks of crown-of-thorn starfish and protecting threatened and migratory species such as dugongs and turtles,” he says.

“It is these projects which will make the reef more resilient s we address the challenges of climate change and the current coral bleaching event which has affected reefs around the world.”

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