The government is running new security ads just before the election

Screenshot. Photo: Youtube/ Attorney-General’s Department AU.

The Turnbull government is set to screen a new $8.2 million national security advertising campaign, running until June 30 – just 48 hours before the planned election.

Thirteen years after John Howard sent the nation fridge magnets for the same reason, the “If it doesn’t add up, speak up” campaign is aimed encouraging Australians to use the National Security Hotline when they spot something suspicious.

“In our fast-paced world it’s easy to miss anything unusual. But with the on going threat of terrorism we all need to play a part by reporting anything suspicious.

“Even if you think it’s probably nothing the smallest piece of information can be valuable.”

Screenshot. Photo: Youtube/ Attorney-General’s Department AU.

“The public plays a major role in providing information to law enforcement and intelligence agencies charged with protecting the community and it is important that we keep that information flowing,” according to campaign material.

“Callers provide information on the use of websites or social media platforms promoting violent extremist ideology, suspicious travel planning, and reports from people concerned that someone they know is becoming radicalised towards violent extremism.”

Earlier last year, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said that it was “not a time for gestures or machismo” saying that a major part of public safety was to “be as open and transparent with Australians as possible about both the threat and what everyone can do to help” in a national security address.

The 30-second clip was made live on the YouTube channel of the Attorney-General’s Department on Anzac Day and will be run on print, radio and television.

It follows other advertising campaigns released under the Turnbull and Abbott administration including an anti-domestic violence campaign in April and innovation campaign costing taxpayers $28 million.

The ad is expected to run until two days before polling day.

Here’s the full video below.

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