The Governator Will Spin-Off Live Action 3D Movie With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Governator to become a 3D movie Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s first return to acting after his stint as California governor will be with The Governator, an animated series announced last week. The Governator project, it has been revealed, will also include a live action 3D movie, a comic book and internet programming.

The Governator movie will be released in 2013. But first, a TV series will kick off this multi-platform project with 52 episodes, all featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger voicing an animated version of himself. The ex-Governor will become a crime fighter after leaving office. Here’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger had to say at a MIPTV press conference in Cannes, France this weekend.

“In public life when you are governor, you have to deal with keeping the beaches clean and making sure there is enough funding for the after school programs and lunch programs. But as an action hero, you just have to save the world.”

Andy Heyward will produce The Governator along with comic book legend Stan Lee. The show hasn’t found a network at this time. The Governator will fight crime based out of his underground lair dubbed “The Arnold Cave” under his Brentwood estate. He will square off against the evil organisation known as “The G.I.R.L.I.E. Men” with the help of a teenage computer whiz.