THE GOOGLE INVESTOR: Google I/O Starts Today, Here’s What Investors Can Expect

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GOOG Up With The Markets
U.S. stocks are on the rise after strong trade data out of China eased concerns of a slowdown and pointed to strong global demand. Shares of GOOG are up, in line with the rest of tech. Upcoming catalysts include news flow from Google I/O today and tomorrow; continued Android momentum; regaining ground in China and pushing into other emerging markets; updated software, adoption and media partners for Google TV; and progress in other newer initiatives (+1, location-based services, music-service, mapping, gaming, etc.). The stock trades at approximately 12x Enterprise Value / EBIT, inexpensive relative to peers and historical trading levels.

Here’s What To Expect From Google’s Annual Developer Conference (paidContent)
The two day conference kicks off today:

  • Android: Google’s most successful product outside of search, Android, will likely draw the most attention during the week.
  • Google TV: A preview of a next-generation version is expected, but enthusiasm for the concept in general is not strong leading into the show.
  • Chrome OS: Presumably Google is ready to shed more light on exactly what types of Chrome OS netbooks (and possibly tablets) will launch.
  • Web Standards: Expect Google to demonstrate the types of sophisticated Web applications that are possible with HTML5 technologies.
  • Wild Cards: Music locker, Google Docs offline access, etc.

Probably the best part of the conference is that Google is a company that famously likes to celebrate its failures. That should be fun.

With Google I/O Kicking Off Today, What Questions Do Investors Want To Know? (The Motley Fool)
While the developer conference is in full swing starting today, here are some questions that investors are wondering:

  1. How will Google deal with Android fragmentation? Should it care? A confluence of reports says fragmentation is a problem but not a big enough one for developers to care about.
  2. What’s the strategy for Chrome OS? Are Google and its shareholders better served by going after the browser crown, or is having a full-fledged Web OS still a worthy goal?
  3. What is Google’s social media strategy? Right now, all we know is that bonuses are tied to social success.

Most observers expect Google to answer or at least address these lingering developer-related questions.

NFC At The Forefront Of Google I/O Conference (paidContent)
Google has been talking about the possibility of using NFC chips as the wireless bridge between phones and payment collectors since last year. The company also released plans to support the technology inside its Android 2.3 software as well as the Nexus S. While the big push around NFC has been incessant talk of mobile payments systems, companies like Foursquare and Hashable are showing how there are plenty of other potential uses for the technology.

Google rumoured To Launch Music Service Today (The Wall Street Journal)
Google is preparing to unveil a new online music service similar to a service recently launched by Amazon. And like Amazon, hasn’t secured licenses from the four major recorded-music companies. Users will be able to load their music into Google’s digital service then stream it to Android devices and websites. Read more at Business Insider.

YouTube Doubling Movie Titles To On-Demand Rental Service (Various via techDygest)
YouTube chief Salar Kamanger teased in a company blog post that YouTube’s movie rental service will soon be adding 3,000 new movie titles to its on-demand video rental service, pushing the video platform into direct competition with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple. YouTube will double new titles from major studios Lionsgate, NBC Universal, Sony, and Warner. According to YouTube, users are spending 15 minutes a day on the site yet five hours a day watching television. Clearly the goal is to change that.

Google Going Green With New Office Complex (Mercury News)
Google is planning to build a massive new environmentally friendly office to accommodate new hires (as 2011 is supposed to be its biggest hiring year ever) now referred to as “Nooglers” (oh brother!). With the Googleplex straining at the seams, the search giant will pay the city of Mountain View $30 million to lease 9.4 acres of land near Shoreline Boulevard.