THE GOOGLE INVESTOR: YouTube Is Doing $2.4 Billion Annually

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GOOG Up With Tech 
Markets have given back a bit as consumer confidence falls and the Richmond Fed drops. Shares of GOOG are up with tech. Google’s annual developer conference Google I/O gets under way tomorrow. Investors continue look for Android momentum and monetization on smartphones and tablets; integration of Motorola; regaining ground in China; the resurgence of Google TV; continued growth of YouTube; expansion of social network Google +; and progress in other initiatives (location-based services, mapping, Google Wallet, Google Music, etc.). The stock trades at approximately 9.9x Enterprise Value / EBIT.

Join Us For Live Google I/O Coverage Tomorrow (Business Insider)
Google’s annual developer conference gets under way tomorrow. Join Business Insider for live coverage and commentary.

Speculation As To What Google Will Announce At Google I/O (Inc.)
There’s plenty of speculation about what the company might unveil:

  • Android and tablets
  • Competition for Siri
  • A master plan
  • Cloud services

One thing you probably won’t see is Larry Page.

Google’s Making Big Money On YouTube (All Things Digital)
Is Google making money off of YouTube? You betcha, Google execs told shareholders today, without offering the slightest bit of detail. Par for the course. So, in lieu of real numbers from Google, here’s a Wall Street estimate: Google is making a ton of money from YouTube. The video site should generate more than $3.6 billion in gross revenue this year, says Citi’s Mark Mahaney. After distributing some of that to partners, Google probably records net revenue of $2.4 billion.

Chromebooks Finds A Market In Education (TechCrunch)
It seems like schools are the one market where Google is having some success with its Chromebook initiative. There are now 500 school districts in the U.S. and Europe that actively use Chromebooks. Google is clearly doing something right in the education space, though even with its latest generation of ChromeOS-based hardware, Chromebooks will likely remain niche products for the time being. For schools, however, Chromebooks are attractive alternatives to traditional laptops. The total cost of ownership for these laptops, after all, is relatively low because they are so easy to manage, virtually immune to viruses and update themselves.

You Will Want Google’s Ridiculous Goggles (Technology Review)
Farhad Manjoo at Technology Review has decided that if Google manages to pull off anything, wearable computers seem certain to conquer the world. It simply will be better to have a machine that’s hooked onto your body than one that responds to it relatively slowly and clumsily. At the moment, the biggest stumbling block may be the input device; a miniature keyboard requires a learning curve that many consumers would find daunting, and keeping a trackpad in your pocket might seem a little creepy. But wearable computers could end up being a fashion statement.

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