The Global Risks You Need To Freak Out About In 2012



It’s time to freak out about a whole new batch of crises in 2012, now that we’ve made it through the worst of the Great Recession.The World Economic Forum names a new financial crisis among the biggest impact risk of the year. Equally worrying is the threat of a water or food crisis.

Chronic fiscal imbalances is the biggest, likeliest economic risk. Income inequality is next

Greenhouse gases are the environmental risk to fear

Watch out for terrorism and corruption in geopolitical risks

Water and food crises are big societal risks

Cyber attacks are the big technological risk

Altogether the biggest risks out there are chronic fiscal imbalance and water crisis

Every risk is related. When one risk is realised, others become more likely.

2012 presents a whole new batch of most likely risks

In past years the biggest impact risks involved the severity of the recession. But this year the biggest impact risks look forward to the next crisis

We're already seeing the seeds of a dystopian crisis

We're also seeing how bad regulation leads to all kinds of crises

Technological risks like cyber attacks could lead to more serious threats

CASE STUDY: Here's how the Japanese tsunami set off a domino chain of risks

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