Mobile Disruption Isn't Killing Off The Market For Traditional Checkout Registers -- Yet

The market for traditional countertop payment terminals — from legacy companies like VeriFone and Ingencio — has supposedly been under serious threat from mobile card reader businesses like Square.

But a new report from BI Intelligence finds that these predictions are overblown.

Overall, the global market for traditional countertop payment terminals is healthy. We forecast payment terminal shipments will grow 73% in three years, increasing to 35 million in 2015.

The real storyline, though, is in the more granular look at the markets that will drive growth. The U.S. and Europe are stagnant, and all the dynamism is in emerging markets. This has big implications for the health of the top payment hardware companies because local competitors have big advantages in the fastest-growing markets.

In the report, BI Intelligence takes an in-depth look at the global payment terminal market. We examine which regions are driving growth and how market share is shaping up in different regions. We also take a look at the three ways mobile technology could eventually kill the legacy payment terminal and assess how big a threat mobile really poses.

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Here are some of the key elements from the report:

In full, the report:

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