The Enormous Need For A Facebook Alternative

Over the last few years, we have entered an important new era of digital communication.  Social Networking is allowing us to communicate with each other in ways that never existed before, and we as a global society have embraced this new form of communication at an incredible rate.  Facebook now has over 600 million members, 50% of whom log in on any given day.  People now spend over 700 BILLION minutes per month on Facebook making it THE most used Web service in the world. –

Perhaps the biggest change that Social Networking has brought about is our ability to maintain ongoing relationships not only with our close friends and family, but also with many people that we would not have maintained relationships with prior to social networking.  For example, many people are now Facebook “friends” with old high school classmates that they didn’t keep in touch with prior to reconnecting on Facebook.  Many people are “friends” with their co-workers, their bosses, business partners, and casual acquaintances.

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