The Giant Fire In Victoria's Grampians Would Now Engulf The Maldives

A photo taken from the Channel 7 news helicopter as it flies over the Grampians bushfires.

The uncontrolled bushfire sweeping through Victoria’s Grampians region, 230km northwest of Melbourne, which has claimed a life, is now as big as The Maldives.

The Victorian Country Fire Authority said the blaze, on multiple fronts, now covers more than 30,000 hectares of the rugged national park.

This afternoon, the tourist town of Halls Gap was evacuated as a wind change moved in and threatened to increase the fire front. The fire has already destroyed property, while a woman’s body was found earlier today in Roses Gap.

Authorities say about 50 people have stayed behind to defend properties from ember attack and other threats.

Just before 4pm, the CFA said fire now extended from Roses Gap down the western side of Mt Zero Road and the front was currently 2 kilometres north of Halls Gap.

Victorian Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said the fire had caused a 12-kilometre convection column that generated lightening and became its own weather system, causing more spot fires.

The Grampians blaze is one of 68 fires burning in Victoria, including a number that were deliberately lit.

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