Journey To The Gates Of The Arctic


Photo: The Edge of Earth

Brothers Eric and Justin Dennis wanted to venture where few had gone before — so they settled on the Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska.There are no roads, man-made paths or people. The only way to get there is a private plane.

The Dennis brothers waded through freezing water and hiked through foliage in the tundra to finally arrive at the “most beautiful place they’d ever seen.” 

The duo filmed a documentary about their adventure, called “The Edge of Earth,” and posted it on Vimeo.  

The stunning area can be seen as they arrive in their plane.

The brothers plan to climb mountains and kayak in the Alatna River.

The river is too shallow for kayaking so they're stuck walking through the water and pushing the boat.

Most of their stuff gets wet as shown by Justin's dripping bag

The brothers are wet and freezing — they brought only sandals to wear and it's about 50 degrees and wet.

During the trip they see a lot of caribou, which are some of the region's best-known wildlife.

The brothers decide they're going to hike to the rarely-seen Arrigetch Peaks.

Their journey is difficult because there are no paths and they have to hike through the wilderness.

Finally they stumble on an animal-made path their push plane pilot told them about and the journey gets easier.

Because they are so far north, the sun only dips slightly below the horizon and it's never fully dark.

At 12:30 a.m., the brothers finally reach the peaks. They're sick and exhausted but say it's worth it.

They camp out and get some rest.

As they go down the mountain, the brothers seek out some of the beautiful foliage and valleys.

Here are some of the region's conifers.

These are the Arrigetch peaks, which the brothers say are totally different from the Rocky Mountains or anywhere else they've been.

Eventually, they happen on some beautiful valleys.

They spend the rest of the trip taking in the gorgeous scenery.

Part of what made the region so special is that it was so untouched by man, Eric says. He says it's the most beautiful place he's ever been.

You've seen the untouched Arctic...

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