The Game-Changing Service From TLC: A Guaranteed Job Offer For Professionals

I was on CNBC on Monday morning announcing the launch of Signature, our new product that guarantees professionals a job offer. Here’s a link to the clip from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange:

If you’ve been in recruiting for any amount of time, you know the litany of questions your friends, family members, classmates, neighbours, ex-significant others, guys standing next to you in the grocery line, the new spouse of the ex-significant other, and everybody else in-between, has for you when they find out you know something about getting a job:

– Is 10 pages too long for a resume?
– Should I mention how my old boss’ personality disorders led to my getting fired?
– How soon can I ask about vacation time?
– Is it OK to wear jean shorts to the interview?

…and on and on and on….

Well, we’ve solved the problem for you. With TheLadders’ Signature, we give a money-back guarantee to professionals looking for their next position: follow our program for six months and we guarantee you’ll land an offer. And at $2,495, it’s priced far, far below outplacement services of similar length that don’t offer a guarantee.

Now, as I mentioned in my newsletter to our 4,600,000 passive professionals, we can’t succeed without the professional’s commitment: “Your commitment to finding a new job, your commitment to make your regularly scheduled calls with your Career Advisor, and your commitment to putting in the minimum four hours per week that you need to be successful.”

With their commitment, we provide a Certified Professional Career Coach, regular weekly and bi-weekly sessions, a CPRW professionally-written resume, and all of the learnings that we’ve tested, tried, and found true for our program.

So if you have a friend in need, send them our way and we’ll help them land an offer for their next great gig.

Plus, we’ll tell ’em to keep the jean shorts in the closet…

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