The Future Of PR: Twitter-Style, Pay Per Character


Hand it to the geniuses at NYC’s Sawhorse Media for coming up with the smartest development in public relations since the canned quote.

On Muck Rack, a site aggregating journalists’ tweets on Twitter, theoretically frequented by other journalists, Sawhorse is now selling “one line press releases.” Tweets go out on the site and via Muck Rack’s Twitter account.

To promote brevity — or take advantage of many PR professionals’ lack thereof — Sawhorse is charging $1 per character, with a $50 minimum. Links and contact info are cool, but cost more — $1 per character.

Pepsi is the first “advertiser” — “PepsiCo joins Muck Rack 1LPRS as a launch partner to syndicate news from the #BlogHer conference on July 24-25.”

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