The Funniest Moment Of Baseball's Postseason Was Also Almost The Worst Moment

The funniest play of the postseason came in the seventh inning of last night’s game with the Yankees trailing by one. A pop-up went towards the seats along the third base line, and according to the commentators, the ball started well-foul, but the wind pushed it back towards the infield.

That’s when a fan reached for the ball at the same time as Yankees third baseman Eric Chavez. It was a play that was reminiscent of the Chicago Cubs and the Steve Bartman incident in which a fan interfered with player’s chance to catch a ball in foul territory. Thankfully, this incident with a Yankees fan had a happier (and funnier) ending.

Here is the entire clip. But forward to the 0:50 for the replay and the fan’s reaction. Absolutely priceless when he realises what almost happened…

Click on image for a larger version…

Yankees fan

Photo: TBS

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