26 of the funniest answers children have written on their homework assignments

Kids really do say the darndest things, but they also write them down sometimes, too.

We scoured Reddit and Imgur for the most popular posts about children’s homework assignments gone awry.

And though we can’t guarantee that all of these are real, they’re definitely worth a read. Enjoy.

Little Lola really nailed the capitals and punctuation for this cat picture.

This kid knows a lot about Justin Bieber, or should I say 'Justin Beaver.'

'My friend's (awesome) six-year-old son is autistic and takes instructions literally,' said this Reddit user.

This kid really stopped caring about multiplication tables.

Under 'Gases,' this kid called out her father's flatulence problem.

This kid doesn't have confidence problems.

'How I solved Problem 8 is I thought about it.'

We're a little scared too, to be honest.

This second grader isn't wrong.

This Reddit user teased: 'Checking my son's homework when suddenly...'

Apparently, this anonymous Imgur user's son doesn't like Mass at all.

Source: Imgur

To be honest, we can't think of any other strategies either.

'User your fingers' or 'Use your head.'

Source: Virian/Reddit

T is for...

One kid learning to write English letters, according to the Reddit user, got bored writing 'H.'

A future Walt Whitman.

This five-year-old believes you should always treat your pets humanely.


Source: Rcrowley32/Imgur

'Friend's kid's homework,' this Reddit user said. 'I think he gave a good answer. Pennies suck.'

At least he's honest.

'My son, the consummate smart-arse,' this Reddit user wrote. 'I think third grade maths is boring him.'

'An accurate depiction of mornings in our household as drawn by my six year old,' this Reddit user said.

'Nobody was making bracelets,' this smart kid replied. Fair.

This seven year old made her parent proud by asking for $100 million.


Source: frinkhutz/Reddit

These homework instructions were taken a little too literally.

'My sister taught maths to 4th graders in China,' this Imgur user explained. 'Honest mistake.'


Source: troubleshootermcgavin/Imgur

And finally, this is every 'Star Wars' fan's dream child.

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