Students May Never Have To Dissect Frogs Or Mix Test Tubes Again

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Online education is playing an increasing role in the physical classroom. Late Nite Labs is replacing real-life science labs with digital experiments.Educators and students can access the virtual lab from any computer at any time. If a wrong mixture is made or too much of an ingredient is added, a beaker will explode and the scientist will have to start again — just like a real lab. The platform combines gaming graphics with education principles.

Late Nite Labs works with over 150 colleges, universities, and high schools. More than 20,000 students use it.

The startup has raised $1.1 million from Harold Levy of Palm Ventures and the former Chancellor of New York Public Schools.

We went to Late Night Labs’ office to see how it is bringing science experiments to the web.

Late Nite Labs is in a cozy office on W. 30th St. near Broadway.

Check out the beaker shaped stress ball for those late nights in the

The virtual lab office has real science materials, like this microscope.

Even throw pillows have science-related themes.

First we head into a meeting room to take a look at the Late Nite Labs system.

Once you are in it looks just like a real lab...sort of.

You can manipulate and move objects.

Here is the full view of the office. It is a small but determined team.

To fuel that determination they have a Keurig coffee maker. Bacardi sits temptingly close by.

There's a mini fridge for now.

And it has the essentials.

A small seating area for lunch or a snack.

Next to the table is an awesome fish tank.!

There is plenty of science humour around the office.

Kit Phelps is a Product Manager and Coder at Late Nite Labs. He has been with the company for a few months and is working on building a unified account system for the site.

Plenty of science books around the office also.

Ovi Jacob, VP of Finance and Development, takes out one of his actual high school textbooks.

And look, he's found some of his notes from high school.

A little bit of positive press for the walls.

Harris Goodman, Chief Development and Sales Officer, works hard to get Late Nite Labs onto more campuses.

Here is a basic map of the sales method and strategy.

Yehosheva Markovitz (left) is the Content Developer at Late Nite Labs. She writes lab manuals and knows more about science than just about anybody in the office. Zoe Schwab (right) started in November and works in marketing and sales. She came to the company from Harper Collins.

David Jaffe is CEO and founder of Late Nite Labs.

He received this champions belt from Jacob for his commute and commitment. His family lives in Israel, but Jaffe has moved to New York for Late Night Labs. He spends 1-2 weeks in Israel every month and a half.

One last look at some of the antique glassware in the office and we are off.

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