The FTSE staged a major rally today

UK stocks had a bumper day on Thursday, staging a major rally and closing up 3.7%.

That erases the losses made this week, especially on Black Monday, when the biggest Chinese equities crash since 2007 rippled around the world.

That was partly on the back of a bit of positivity from China — the Shanghai Composite closed up 5.4%, the first rise it’s had in six trading days.

Though they have been up and down, mining companies were today’s big winners, with Anglo American shares suring 9.33%, and GHP up 9.21%.

Enterprise Inns shares fell 1.5%, the only decline of more than a per cent of any stock listed on the FTSE 100.

Here’s the chart:

European markets had a similar performance, with Germany’s DAX up 3.2% and France’s CAC 40 up 3.5%.

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