The French Retaliate Against California's Foie Gras Ban

french wine


California’s foie gras ban has angered many people in California and many more in France.A politician in France’s foie gras-producing Gers region has called for a ban on California wine.

Although the ban hasn’t been formalized, many local wine merchants have pulled California wine from the shelves, according to Decanter’s Jane Anson.

This is mainly a symbolic gesture since the local stores don’t sell much California wine. California was a big market for foie gras, on the other hand, representing up to 5 per cent of total sales.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been through this. A few weeks ago the EU blocked France’s ban of Monsanto corn. In 2009 France targeted Coca-Cola after the US taxed Roquefort cheese after the French banned hormone-treated US beef. And of course freedom fries.

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