The Free Syrian Army's Homemade Tank Has An Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Fired By A Playstation Controller

Picture: Vocativ

A group of Free Syrian Army rebels have built a tank with a .50 caliber machine gun operated by a PlayStation controller.

It’s the kind of desperate ingenuity that they hope will give them a foothold as they face confrontation on two fronts from ISIS and the Assad regime.

The Jaish al-Mujahideen brigade of the FSA gave Vocativ a run in their tank, which they say will be used mainly to evacuate injured soldiers from battles.

To help them, one gunner gets to use a PlayStation 2 controller to wield a 50-calibre machine gun, with a camera hooked up for the visuals.

It looks a little desperate, to be honest, made by welding scrap metal to an old pickup truck. But try telling this guy you wouldn’t have his job for quits:

Picture: Vocativ

The “Dushka” (DShK) machine gun can hit a target a mile away, including bringing down aircraft:

Picture: Vocativ

If you don’t believe they’re serious, check out the video.

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