The Fragmentation Of Operating Systems Is Creating A Tough Environment For Web App Developers


Photo: A VC

Building Web apps is not getting easier. The fragmentation of operating systems and browsers is getting worse, not better.Here’s a chart of the past 30 days of activity at

No OS/browser combo has more than 17% share. And there are five with more than 10% share. iPhone is about 6% and iPad is about 4%. If you go down to the next 10 combos, you find a number of Android and Blackberry combinations.

Mobile OS/browser combos in total add up to about 15% of all visits and that number is up from less than 5% a year ago.

Add in the need to build mobile apps for iOS, Android, and possibly Blackberry and you’ve got quite a difficult environment for developers these days.

This article originally appeared at A VC and is republished here with permission.











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