The Founders’ Top 12 Checklist For Starting A Successful Business In 2015

Winning. Photo: Mark Kolbe/ Getty.

Starting a successful business in 2015 requires careful planning, savvy moves and unwavering commitment.

So in order to stay focused, have fun and hit those targets, here’s the ultimate checklist to help you get your business off the ground this new year.

1. Kickstart it

If you have a creative business idea that you think people will love, Kickstarter funding can get your new venture off the ground in a hurry! Since 2009, Kickstarter has funded more than 60,000 projects to the tune of more than $1 billion.

2. Embrace the crowd

Crowdsourcing is positioned to hit new heights in 2015, offering a cost-effective way to tap into some of the world’s best talent. Whether you need bookkeeping services, website content or a logo designed, 9 out of 10 of the world’s top brands are crowdsourcing. Follow their lead and embrace the crowd!

3. Be mobile friendly

Over 5 billion people now own a mobile phone and roughly half of all Internet searches originate from a mobile device. Being mobile friendly in 2015 is a must for any business, especially when it comes to your website.

4. Show your consciousness

Modern consumers are looking for more than just eco-friendly businesses, they want to know that you are socially conscious as well. In 2015 everything, from your products and services to your workplace, needs to show that your business understands its responsibilities to people as well as the planet.

5. Invest in your content

Providing valuable, consistent and engaging content will strengthen your brand and keep people coming back. Featuring prominently on Google’s rankings in 2015 will also require quality content and lots of it.

6. Find the right place to base your business

According to the World Bank Group’s “Ease of Doing Business” rankings, the best places to start a new business in 2015 are Singapore, Denmark and Norway. Emerging markets are also tipped to grow by over 7%.

7. Add a new dimension

The cost of 3D printers has fallen dramatically in recent years, providing a low cost way to produce your own prototypes or pump out products quickly. According to Gartner Inc., worldwide shipments of 3D printers will grow by 98% this year.

8. Invest in a Virtual Assistant

Staying organised is half the battle when getting a new venture off the ground, but Smart Virtual Personal Assistants now offer a savvy solution at a fraction of the cost of their traditional counterparts.

9. Get ahead in the cloud

In 2015, cloud computing will provide increased flexibility for businesses of all sizes, helping to cut operating costs and boost productivity. Forrester Research predicts 60% of brand name companies will be hacked in the coming year, so your business will be safer in the cloud as well.

10. Do more with your data

Low cost platforms such as Hadoop and Excel make it easy to track data relating to your business. Data mining can predict problems long before they arise or even highlight opportunities, making it easy to make the right decisions for your business.

11. Trademark it

Modern businesses need to be concerned with the global marketplace, especially considering the thousands of new businesses expected in 2015. Obtaining Trade Mark Registration for your business name, logo and slogans may prevent legal problems or even a forced rebrand.

12. Embrace R&D incentives

Government R&D incentives will offer a significant boost to new businesses in 2015. Take some pressure off your budget and get every dollar you are eligible for.

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