The Founders Of Australian Startup RideSurfing Are Now Launching A Grocery Delivery Service

The ShopWings team (l-r) Head of operations Johann Grunberger, co-founder & Managing Director Manutea Dupont, and co-founder & COO Guillaume Ang. Image: Supplied.

In what looks like a case of startup pivoting, the founder of lift sharing company RideSurfing Manu Dupont is using his energy to now develop a on-demand grocery delivery service.

“RideSurfing is still going but we came across a huge opportunity and decided to go for it,” Dupont told Business Insider.

With backing from Rocket Internet, Dupont today launched ShopWings — a personal shopping and shipping service which delivers groceries within two hours of ordering.

To start with the company will service Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, CBD and Inner West. But like when he launched RideSurfing, Dupont has dreams to expand into other Sydney suburbs and Australian capital cities.

“For us right now, we are a small startup and we have to focus our energy. Our focus is really about getting ShopWings off the ground in Sydney,” Dupont said, adding he learnt a lot from starting RideSurfing, especially when it came to crowdsourcing contractors.

“We won’t be able to do well with both ventures if we lose focus.”

RideSurfing faced a number of hurdles, especially on the regulation side. The service was entirely by donation in a bid to avoid the wrath of government authorities who declared UberX illegal and launched legal action against its private drivers.

“I can’t say that Uber wasn’t strong competition because it is,” Dupont said.

Reaching into grocery deliveries is something Uber has also reportedly been trialing in the US.

“It’s a natural correlation between ride sharing and deliveries,” he said. “It’s a huge untapped market and a lot of people are trying to do it.”

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