‘The Force Awakens’ will pass $2 billion worldwide at the box office next week

The force awakens finn poe
‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ Disney/Lucasfilm

The historic box office ride for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” continues as by next week the film will hit the $2 billion mark for worldwide grosses (it’s currently at $1.963 billion).

That will make it only the third film ever to hit that milestone, joining “Avatar” ($2.7 billion) and “Titanic” ($2.1 billion).

The film has been released in all territories across the globe, but showing the power of the film at the box office, “Awakens” passed $1 billion globally before it opened in China, the second-largest film market in the world behind the US.

Domestically, “Awakens” is already box office champion. With the movie projected to be at $894 million by Sunday, it will hit $900 million next week, distancing itself farther from the number two all-time domestic earner, “Avatar,” at $760 million.

“Awakens” got to the $700 million mark domestically in only 16 days, the fastest ever.

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