'The Force Awakens' edges out Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie to win the weekend box office

The force awakens daisy johnYouTube‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie “The Revenant” put up a strong fight this weekend, finally challenging “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for the top spot at the domestic box office.

By Sunday’s estimates, however, “Awakens” won out, taking in $41 million this weekend versus $38 million for “The Revenant,” according to box office tracking firm, Exhibitor Relations.

This makes four consecutive weeks at number one for “Awakens.”

“The Revenant” performed better its first weekend in wide release than its projections of $20 million and beat out “Awakens” in Friday’s gross, taking in $14.4 million over $10.7 million for the new “Star Wars.” But being in 759 more theatres than “The Revenant” was the edge for “Star Wars” by Sunday.

The audience interest in DiCaprio’s portrayal of a mountain man who seeks vengeance (and takes on a bear) is a good sign for the actor on his award seasons chances. We might even see him take home a Golden Globe tonight.

While overseas, “The Force Awakens” opened in China, the second-largest film market in the world and one of the last territories in the world that wasn’t showing the new “Star Wars” yet. Though China has been late to the “Star Wars” craze, the original trilogy didn’t start playing there until last June, they have certainly caught the fever as estimates had the film taking in $33 million on Saturday, the largest opening day for Disney ever in that market, according to Deadline.

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