The Five Greatest King Of Queens Episodes

King of Queens reruns never get old. I think most men can relate to Doug Heffernan in some way, shape, or form. So thanks to endless hours of viewing and a little free time, here are my top five King of Queens episodes.

Television sitcoms come and go but this one will always have longevity as far as I am concerned. Kevin James is the perfect “every guy”, Leah Remini is the perfect “nagging, yet sneaky wife”, and Jerry Stiller as Arthur is quite possibly the most entertaining father-in-law in the history of television. Surround these three with a hilarious supporting cast, and you have the best sitcom of its generation, King of Queens.

These episodes are in no particular order because quite frankly my top five can change by the week. It is a compliment to them that almost every time I finish watching an episode I tend to send it immediately in my top five. So come back next week and maybe this changes, but I think I have done a pretty good job of ranking the top five.

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