The First Windows 8 Devices With Intel's New 'Haswell' Chip Will Be Here Soon

tami reller microsoft

Microsoft isn’t ditching its ARM strategy and Windows RT operating system anytime soon, says Tami Reller, the chief of marketing for Windows, speaking at the JP Morgan Technology conference.

There’s been a lot of speculation that Microsoft might be rethinking Windows RT because, early reports say, sales of RT devices have been disappointing.

That’s in part because Windows RT doesn’t run any software except new apps designed specifically for Windows 8.

As of today, there’s 70,000 apps in Windows app store.

That said, Reller insists that Microsoft’s “relationship, and work we’re doing with Intel, has never been stronger.”

In fact, Reller says that Windows 8 tablets built on Intel’s new Haswell chip will be out by the end of summer in time for ‘back to school.”

Haswell is all about better battery life and improved graphics performance.”

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