The first startups to take part in Microsoft's Sydney ScaleUp Program

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Microsoft today announced the first Australian startups to take part in its Sydney ScaleUp, a four-month program aimed at global expansion as well as product development.

It includes: senior level (CEO/CTO) coaching; team culture development; recruiting talent; creating distribution channels with global Fortune 500 companies; learning how to work with large organisations; and developing new markets both nationally and on a global scale.

The first startups range from a new way to solve crime in real-time to an artificial intelligence called Hyper Anna who acts like a real person, a fintech changing the debt collection industry, and a way of teaching students to solve real-world problems.

Sydney is the eighth city to host the Microsoft ScaleUp Program, joining Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, London, Seattle, Shanghai and Tel Aviv.

In the five years the Microsoft ScaleUp programs have been running, close to 730 companies have graduated from the program, raising almost $US3 billion in follow-on funding plus 48 exits – where the company is bought out or acquired by another company.

Microsoft does not take any equity in the start-ups it supports.

“We are deeply impressed by the diversity of our first batch of startups and the ways in which they are each bringing innovative and industry leading solutions to their respective markets,” says Emily Rich, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups ANZ.

“The cohort represents a broad cross section of enterprise focused technology startups with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence and platforms that help companies improve customer experience.

“However, the central theme that ties them all together is their growth mindset, customer obsession and products which we believe will build lasting value.”

The startups:

  • Auror transforms the way police and communities prevent and solve crime in real-time. Auror bridges the gap between businesses and the police, so they can collaborate and share data on criminal activity.
  • Daisee develops AI software applications. Its unstructured data product Lisa converts voice to text and then applies AI and Natural Language Processing to analyse, categorise and deliver insight into customer contact through calls, email and chat interactions.
  • FreightExchange is a digital marketplace for long-distance freight carriers to connect seamlessly with customers so they can sell excess capacity.
  • Hyper Anna is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered data analyst and acts just like a real person. She does all the tedious and technical work of writing code, analysing data, producing charts and insights.
  • InDebted is a financial technology startup focused on changing the debt collection industry.
  • Kapiche specialises in taking the data from open-ended unstructured questions along with data from traditional close-ended structured question to give insights and find actionable insight in customer survey feedback including Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score and product reviews.
  • Karbon is a new approach to practice management software for accounting firms which aims to improve workflow efficiency, standardise practice processes, and automate tasks.
  • Makers Empire helps educators make STEM learning fun by teaching students how to solve real-world problems with 3D printing and design with easy-to-use 3D modelling software.
  • SimpleKYC provides significant automation for on-boarding commercial entities and meeting anti-money laundering know your customer requirements. SimpleKYC helps with on-boarding a full range of entity types ranging from small, family owned business to complex institutional businesses.
  • StartVR creates immersive virtual reality experiences. Its product Startgate creates custom branded premium virtual reality apps on all popular platforms.
  • Teamgage is a technology platform that instils a culture of continuous improvement at all levels of the organisation.
  • VendorPanel ghives procurement teams powerful and innovative tools to manage decentralised sourcing that is below tender threshold.
  • Winimy AI builds and orchestrates omnichannel AI-engineered bespoke customer engagement technologies. Winimy AI designs the future of how customers discover, connect and transact with businesses.

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