The First Post-Budget Polls Are A Horror Show For The Coalition

Treasurer Joe Hockey and Prime Minister Tony Abbott speak before House of Representatives question time at Parliament House on May 14, 2014 in Canberra, Australia (Photo: Getty Images)

Support for the government has plummeted according to two polls conducted after the federal budget was released last week.

Newspoll says support for The Coalition has reached its lowest levels since Malcolm Turnbull was replaced as leader in 2009.

And a Fairfax/Nielsen poll shows it would lose up to 44 of its 90 seats if a 9.5% swing towards Labor was repeated on an election day.

Last week a suite of harsh budget measures were unveiled to bring Australia back to surplus by the beginning of the next decade.

These included tax increases, drastic spending cuts and the introduction of a “deficit levy” on high-income earners.

Labor does not support several key measures such as an increase in petrol excise and the pension age and a new $7 payment to see a doctor and says it will block them.

Last week the prime minister raised the possibility of a double dissolution election, though this appears increasingly unlikely, based on the recent polling.

The Opposition leads The Government by 56% to 44% on a two-party-preferred basis, according to the Fairfax/Nielsen poll, and 55% to 45% according to Newspoll.

Newspoll also says Labor leader Bill Shorten has overtaken Tony Abbott as better prime minister at 44% to 34%.

It is the first time polling has shown Shorten to be ahead on that measure since he took the leadership. Two weeks ago, before the budget, Abbott was ahead 40-38.

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