The First Person Ever To Die In A Tesla Is A Guy Who Stole One

Tesla crash

Joshua Slot, 26, is the first person to die in a Tesla, we learn via The Verge.
Slot had stolen the car from a Tesla service center and was evading police in a chase through Los Angeles, California at speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. After pursuing officers struck a median with their car and had to be taken to the hospital, Slot kept up the speed and got into the accident that would claim his life.

The Tesla (a Model S) hit three other cars before pretty much coming apart in two. The front half, pictured above, came to rest in the street and caught fire. The rear half, pictured below, collided with a a synagogue.

Slot was ejected from the car and believed to be dead on the scene, though he was resuscitated on the way to the hospital and died from his injuries later. His is the first publicly reported death of someone driving a Tesla.

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