The first and last lines of 27 'Twilight' characters

Temple Hill EntertainmentRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in ‘Twilight.’
  • The last “Twilight” movie premiered over eight years ago and is still a beloved classic.
  • Bella and the Cullen family are introduced in the first film.
  • Other characters, like some of the werewolves and Volturi, aren’t seen until later installments.
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The “Twilight” saga consists of five films, five books, one novella, and plenty of popular characters.

Although the last movie instalment came out over eight years ago, the release of Stephenie Meyer’s novel “Midnight Sun,” which narrates the story through Edward Cullen’s eyes, has inspired fans to revisit the series.

Read on for the first and last lines of 27 memorable “Twilight” characters.

Warning: Major spoilers for the “Twilight” series ahead.

Bella Swan speaks the iconic first line.

Temple Hill EntertainmentKristen Stewart as Bella Swan in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

It’s fitting that the first line of the “Twilight” series goes to the narrator and protagonist, Bella (Kristen Stewart).

Her first line is a voice-over, in which she says, “I’d never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.”

Bella’s last line is a reassurance of her undying love for Edward.

Temple Hill EntertainmentBella Swan last appears in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

By the end of the series, Bella has married Edward (Robert Pattinson), had a baby, and been turned into a vampire and fully embraced as a member of the Cullen family.

She uses her last line to confirm her love for Edward. When he says that they have an eternity to spend with one another, she responds in agreement: “Forever.”

Charlie Swan first speaks while driving Bella into Forks, Washington.

Temple Hill EntertainmentBilly Burke as Charlie Swan in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

When Charlie (Billy Burke) first appears, he is driving Bella into Forks after not having seen her in several years.

He cluelessly tries to make conversation with his daughter and says, “Your hair is longer.”

Although the comment is well-intentioned, Bella corrects him and says she’s actually had her hair cut shorter since they last saw each other.

His last line is about his new girlfriend, Sue Clearwater.

Temple Hill EntertainmentCharlie Swan is dating Sue Clearwater when viewers last see him.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Charlie is one of the only humans to appear in the last movie of the series, since Bella says goodbye to most of her mortal friends and even her mother in “Breaking Dawn – Part 1.”

Bella, Edward, Renesmee Cullen (Mackenzie Foy), and Jacob Black’s (Taylor Lautner) wolf pack visit Charlie and his new girlfriend (Alex Rice) for Christmas.

Charlie’s last line is about Sue, and he says, “Woman knows her trout.”

Billy Black says his first line to Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentGil Birmingham as Billy Black in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Although Billy (Gil Birmingham) first appears as Charlie’s friend and Jacob’s father, he becomes an important character throughout the series as the werewolves become more involved in the plot.

After Bella reunites with the family friend and tells him he’s looking good, Billy says, “I’m still dancing.”

The brief exchange that follows shows how much Charlie has missed having Bella in Forks.

He spends his last moment in the films defending Jacob.

Temple Hill EntertainmentBilly Black delivers his last line in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

By the end of the series, the wolf pack has divided, and some of the werewolves follow Jacob instead of the original pack leader, Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer).

In defence of Jacob, Billy tells Sam, “I don’t care what he’s done. He’s still my son.”

Jacob reintroduces himself to Bella when he first appears.

Temple Hill EntertainmentTaylor Lautner as Jacob Black in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Jacob and Billy are first shown on-screen together when they visit Charlie and Bella.

He says, “Hi, I’m Jacob. We used to make mud pies when we were little,” which establishes his history with Bella, even if they haven’t seen each other in several years.

Jacob’s last line is a joking comment.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJacob Black and Renesmee Cullen are shown to have an intense bond.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

By the end of the last film, Edward and Bella have come to understand more about Jacob’s connection to their daughter and seem less uncomfortable with it.

When Edward makes a comment to the werewolf that reflects this, Jacob jokingly replies, “Should I start calling you dad?”

Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) then has a vision that shows Renesmee as an adult coupled with Jacob, indicating that the bond will become a romantic one in the future.

Eric Yorkie is the first of Bella’s high-school friends to talk to her.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJustin Chon as Eric Yorkie in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Eric (Justin Chon) is the first of Bella’s human friends to approach her.

He says, “You’re Isabella Swan, the new girl. Hi, I’m Eric, the eyes and ears of this place.”

He speaks his last lines at Bella’s wedding.

Temple Hill EntertainmentEric Yorkie is last seen at Bella Swan’s wedding in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

Eric attends Bella’s wedding like many other Forks residents.

He’s last heard protesting when Alice worries that the decorations she put up may be a bit too much.

Mike Newton also says his first line to Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentMichael Welch as Mike Newton in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Mike (Michael Welch) first talks to Bella after she accidentally hits him in the head with a volleyball.

He exclaims before realising it’s the new girl who chucked the ball at him, but once she apologizes, he says, “No, no, no, that’s OK. You’re Isabella, right?”

Just like Eric, he also says his last words at the wedding.

Temple Hill EntertainmentMike Newton also attends Bella Swan’s wedding in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

Mike is standing with Eric, Angela Weber (Christian Serratos), and Jessica Stanley (Anna Kendrick) when Alice asks the group about the wedding decorations.

Mike replies, “No, not at all,” along with the others.

Jessica uses her first line to interrupt Mike.

Temple Hill EntertainmentAnna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

When Jessica sees that Mike has come over to talk to Bella, she quickly interrupts.

She walks over to join the conversation and says, “She’s got a great spike, huh? I’m Jessica, by the way.”

Jessica’s last line is a bit of an insult to Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJessica Stanley gives a speech at Bella Swan’s wedding in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

Throughout the series, Jessica makes it clear that she’s jealous of Bella, a dynamic that emerged when the new girl got Mike and Edward’s attention.

Although their friendship endures despite this, Jessica’s toast at Bella’s wedding is a bit snarky, as Jess sings her own praises and mentions that Edward fell for Bella even though she wasn’t “captain of the volleyball team” or “president of the student council.

Jessica laughs off the slight by saying, “I’m just kidding.”

Angela first speaks right before Bella sees the Cullens for the first time.

Temple Hill EntertainmentChristian Serratos as Angela Weber in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Angela’s first line suggests that Eric wasn’t joking when he told Bella that the school newspaper wanted to do a feature on her.

Sittings next to Jessica and Bella at lunch, Angela goes to take a picture of the new girl and says, “Smile! Sorry, I needed a candid for the feature.”

Her last line squashes a rumour about Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentAngela Weber shoots down a rumour that Jessica Stanley tries to start.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

Like many of Bella’s other human classmates, Angela is last shown at the wedding.

Jessica makes a comment about Bella being pregnant, assuming that would explain why she’s marrying Edward so quickly.

Angela replies, “Jess, she is not pregnant.”

Edward’s first lines happen several scenes after he initially appears.

Temple Hill EntertainmentRobert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Although Edward is in multiple scenes earlier in the movie, he doesn’t speak until Bella sees him asking to switch classes in the school office.

Before this, he didn’t talk during biology class even though he was assigned as Bella’s lab partner, as he was holding his breath to stop himself from inhaling her scent.

Edward’s first line in the entire series is, “There must be something open. Physics, bio, chem …”

He speaks to Bella later – after he’s hunted and missed school for a few days – and says, “Hello. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself last week.”

His last line confirms his love for Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentEdward Cullen and Bella Swan in the flower field in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

During the last scene of the series, Bella and Edward lay together in a flower field.

Bella shows Edward her memories and thoughts so he can understand how much she loves him. He asks her to show him the montage again, to which she tells him they have plenty of time.

Referencing their immorality and undying love, he says, “Forever.”

Carlisle Cullen delivers his first line at the hospital he works at.

Temple Hill EntertainmentPeter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

After Bella is almost hit by a van, Edward brings her to the hospital, where she meets Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) for the first time.

The doctor announces, “I heard the chief’s daughter was in,” as he walks into the room before formally introducing himself to Bella.

He last speaks after the avoided battle against the Volturi.

Temple Hill EntertainmentCarlisle Cullen tries to de-escalate violence.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Some of the vampires who serve as witnesses to the Cullen family only agree to do so because they’re hoping to fight the Volturi.

When two of them insist on battling the group of vampires, Carlisle says, “Not today.”

In the earlier films, he has tried to calm arguments between other vampires and werewolves, so this last line confirms that Carlisle would rather talk things out than resort to violence.

Alice is the first of Edward’s siblings to talk to Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentAshley Greene as Alice Cullen in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Out of all of Edward’s siblings, Alice is the most excited to meet Bella, as the vampire has already had visions of the two being close friends in the future.

While boarding a bus, she asks Bella, “Hi! Are you gonna be riding with us?”

Her last line helps avoid the fight with the Volturi.

Temple Hill EntertainmentAlice Cullen does her part to stop the war against the Volturi.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Alice and Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) leave the rest of the Cullens to find witnesses that have seen another being like Renesmee.

Since human-vampire hybrids are extremely rare, the couple is gone for quite a while before bringing back witnesses from Brazil who can attest to what Renesmee’s life can be like.

Her last line, “I’ve been searching for witnesses of my own among the Tekona tribes of Brazil,” allows the members to introduce themselves to the leader of the Volturi and make their case.

James speaks his first line to a human before killing him.

Temple Hill EntertainmentCam Gigandet as James in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

From his first appearance, James (Cam Gigandet) is shown as a vampire who enjoys killing his prey.

He jumps onto a human’s boat and mockingly says, “Nice jacket.”

He taunts Edward with his last line.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJames dies in the first ‘Twilight’ movie.

Last appearance: “Twilight”

When Edward arrives alone to save Bella from James’ trap, James makes fun of him for showing up without the other Cullens, saying, “You’re alone ’cause you’re faster than the others. But not stronger.”

This is the last line he manages to say before he and Edward start fighting and is ripped apart by the other Cullens.

Victoria joins James in mocking their prey.

Temple Hill EntertainmentRachelle Lefevre as Victoria in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) and James mock the human they kill at the docks by repeating the questions their victims tend to ask when afraid.

Victoria’s very first line is part of this taunting, as she says, “What do you want?”

Victoria’s last line is a lie.

Temple Hill EntertainmentBryce Dallas Howard as Victoria in ‘Eclipse.’

Last appearance: “Eclipse”

Victoria (recast as Bryce Dallas Howard) was truly meant to be with James, but she pretends to fall in love with Riley so he’ll help her create a supernatural army.

When Edward reveals that Victoria has been manipulating the young vampire, she tries to convince Riley of her feelings for him.

But her last line, “You know I love you,” isn’t convincing enough, and Victoria is killed by Edward.

When he first speaks, Laurent scolds James.

Temple Hill EntertainmentEdi Gathegi as Laurent in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Laurent (Edi Gathegi) interrupts James and Victoria’s teasing when he says, “James. Let’s not play with our food.”

Although this line makes Laurent seem like he may be the leader of their coven, he later admits to the Cullens that he cannot control James and was really just travelling with him and Victoria out of convenience.

His last comment is one of disbelief before the werewolves kill him.

Temple Hill EntertainmentLaurent last appears in ‘New Moon.’

Last appearance: “New Moon”

Laurent returns to Forks in “New Moon” and realises that the Cullens have left Bella unprotected.

He goes to attack her but is interrupted by the wolf pack.

Laurent says, “I don’t believe it,” apparently referring to seeing werewolves in the area.

Rosalie Hale’s first line is about Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentNikki Reed as Rosalie Hale in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Edward’s sister Rosalie (Nikki Reed) is the most reluctant to meet Bella, as she worries that revealing their vampire lifestyle to a human could expose all of them.

Rosalie doesn’t seem to want to help cook for Bella, and she shows her reluctance by saying, “Is she even Italian?”

She can last be heard talking when recruiting Garrett in London, England.

Temple Hill EntertainmentRosalie Hale is last seen in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Rosalie and Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz) travel together in “Breaking Dawn” and look for witnesses to stand against the Volturi.

Rosalie’s last line happens when she says, “Carlisle needs you,” to Garrett (Lee Pace) in London.

Although she is in several scenes later in the movie, she does not have any other spoken lines after this moment.

Emmett’s first line is also about Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentKellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Emmett replies to Rosalie’s question about whether Bella is Italian with, “Her name is Bella.”

This first line establishes his relationship with Rosalie and shows that he’s friendlier about Bella’s visit than his girlfriend is.

In his last line, he declines an offer to be Bella’s test subject.

Temple Hill EntertainmentEmmett Cullen’s last line is humorous.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

After being turned into a vampire, Bella realises that she possesses the rare power to shield herself and others.

She tests the ability before the battle by having a fellow vampire attack Edward while she attempts to protect him.

When Emmett is asked if he’d like to be used as a test subject for one of these trials, he quickly replies, “I’m good.”

Esme Cullen first speaks when Bella comes over for dinner.

Temple Hill EntertainmentElizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Bella meets the other Cullens earlier, so Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) is the last member of the family to be shown on-screen.

Esme is immediately welcoming and says, “Bella, we’re making Italiano for you.”

Her last line is about one of the vampire witnesses.

Temple Hill EntertainmentEsme Cullen is last seen in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Along with the rest of the Cullens, Esme helps to recruit witnesses and potential fighters to stand against the Volturi.

After returning home with a vampire who immediately jumps to the roof instead of socialising, Esme says, “He’s not a people person.”

Jasper nervously introduces himself to Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale in ‘Twilight.’

First appearance: “Twilight”

Jasper is the most recent addition to the Cullen family and the newest to their “vegetarian” lifestyle.

This makes him more vulnerable to the temptation of drinking human blood than the rest of the Cullens, so he keeps his distance and simply says, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

In his last line, Jasper doubts the Cullens’ ability to fight the Volturi.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJasper Hale is in all five ‘Twilight’ movies.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Since Jasper was turned into a vampire specifically to join a deadly army, he has valuable knowledge on supernatural fighting tactics.

In “Eclipse,” these skills prove useful when deciding how to take on Victoria’s forces.

And in the final instalment, Jasper points out how dangerous a battle against the Volturi could be and says, “Their offensive weapons are too powerful. No one could stand against Jane.”

Sam first speaks while carrying Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentChaske Spencer as Sam Uley in ‘New Moon.’

First appearance: “New Moon”

Charlie calls a search party together when Bella disappears in the first part of “New Moon.”

The pack leader finds her in the woods and carries her out. As he passes her off to Charlie, Sam says, “She’s all right.”

His last line explains that Alice and Jasper have left Forks.

Temple Hill EntertainmentSam Uley is last seen in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

As the leader of the movies’ main wolf pack, Sam is an important part of several plotlines throughout the series.

By “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” he has had several tense arguments with Jacob, Billy, and the Cullens, but he still delivers a note that Alice left with him.

He hands the paper over and says, “She and Jasper crossed our lands to the ocean last night.”

Quil Ateara first speaks while walking into Jacob’s garage.

Temple Hill EntertainmentTyson Houseman as Quil Ateara in ‘New Moon.’

First appearance: “New Moon”

Quil (Tyson Houseman) meets Bella when he walks into Jacob’s garage with Embry Call (Kiowa Gordon).

The two are looking for Jacob and enjoy teasing him about his crush on Bella.

Quil’s first line is, “Yo, Jake, you in there?”

For his last line, he asks if Jacob is rejoining Sam’s pack.

Temple Hill EntertainmentQuil Ateara stayed with the original wolf pack.

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

Although Jacob leaves Sam’s pack and forms his own, Quil stays with the original group.

He seems to miss his friend and wants him to rejoin the pack, so he asks if Jacob is going to return home.

At first, Embry laughs and teases Jacob.

Temple Hill EntertainmentKiowa Gordon as Embry Call in ‘New Moon.’

First appearance: “New Moon”

In his first scene, Embry walks into Jacob’s garage with Quil.

After Bella denies dating Jacob, Embry says, “Ooh, burn!”

His last line is spoken in Jacob’s defence.

Temple Hill EntertainmentEmbry Call delivers his last line in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

Paul Lahote (Alex Meraz), another werewolf, says some pretty cruel things to Jacob about Bella’s chances of dying when delivering her vampire baby.

Embry admonishes him for this and says, “Ease up, Paul,” as he is still friends with Jacob even though they are no longer in the same wolf pack.

From his first line, Aro makes it clear that he “collects” vampires with talents.

Temple Hill EntertainmentMichael Sheen as Aro in ‘New Moon.’

First appearance: “New Moon”

Aro (Michael Sheen) is the leader of the Volturi, a group that enforces laws in the vampire world and is treated as supernatural royalty.

He has a tendency to seek out vampires with special talents and encourage them to join his coven.

His very first line shows this interest, as he tells Edward, “I’m afraid your particular gifts are too valuable to destroy.”

Aro’s last line reinforces this concept.

Temple Hill EntertainmentAro plays a large part in the final instalment, ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

The Volturi do not end up fighting against the Cullens’ forces after Alice shows Aro the vision of how he would die in the war.

Aro chooses to walk away from the potential battle but says, “Such a prize.”

He seems to be referring to both Bella and Alice when he says this, as he has previously remarked on how appealing he finds both of their powers.

Jane speaks more in her first film than in the others.

Temple Hill EntertainmentDakota Fanning as Jane in ‘New Moon.’

First appearance: “New Moon”

Jane (Dakota Fanning) is introduced as a member of the Volturi when Bella first meets them in Italy.

She is one of Aro’s closest coven members and has unique torture abilities.

When she first appears, she finds Edward, Alice, and Bella and says, “Aro sent me to see what was taking so long.”

She only says one word in “Breaking Dawn — Part 2.”

Temple Hill EntertainmentJane only says the word ‘pain’ in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Jane travels with Aro throughout “Eclipse” and both “Breaking Dawn” parts and tortures vampires with her powers.

In the final movie, she only speaks one word, “Pain,” before attempting to use her dark ability.

Leah Clearwater first makes a bitter comment to Bella.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJulia Jones as Leah Clearwater in ‘Eclipse.’

First appearance: “New Moon”

Leah (Julia Jones) is the only woman in the werewolf pack, and glimpses of her character and ability are seen in “New Moon.”

She and her brother, Seth Clearwater (Booboo Stewart), join Jacob’s pack by the start of “Eclipse,” so they can hear his thoughts about Bella.

That seemingly influences Leah’s impression of her, and the werewolf says, “If you’re here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave.”

Leah last speaks in disbelief when she hears Jacob’s plan.

Temple Hill EntertainmentLeah Clearwater speaks her last line in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

In “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” Leah interrupts Jacob when he asks Sam to take her and Seth back into the pack.

Although Leah appears on-screen in her human and wolf form during “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” this is her last spoken line.

Seth first speaks while running up to Jacob.

Temple Hill EntertainmentBooboo Stewart as Seth Clearwater in ‘Eclipse.’

First appearance: “Eclipse”

As the youngest member of the werewolf pack, Seth looks up to Jacob.

He first appears when Bella joins the Quileute council meeting.

Seth runs up to Jacob and Bella and says, “Jake! It’s about time you got here.”

He also addresses Jacob by his nickname in his last line.

Temple Hill EntertainmentSeth Clearwater is last seen in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Although Seth appears as a werewolf toward the end of the fifth movie, his last spoken line is in the fourth instalment.

Jacob wants Leah and Seth to return to Sam’s pack, but they both argue against this. So, Seth cries out, “Jake!”

Bree Tanner’s first line shows how afraid she is.

Temple Hill EntertainmentJodelle Ferland as Bree Tanner in ‘Eclipse.’

First appearance: “Eclipse”

Bree (Jodelle Ferland) is one of the vampires turned by Riley and Victoria to join their army.

Terrified, she asks Riley what they did to her after realising her new state.

She last speaks while being tortured by Jane.

Temple Hill EntertainmentBree Tanner is only in ‘Eclipse.’

Last appearance: “Eclipse”

Bree is only alive briefly in “Eclipse,” as she is killed by the Volturi only months after turning into a vampire.

Although she is only in a handful of scenes in the movie, Meyers wrote an entire novella about her called “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.”

The last words Bree speaks are, “Riley wouldn’t tell us. He said our thoughts weren’t safe.”

Renesmee first speaks while playing in the snow with Bella and Jacob.

Temple Hill EntertainmentRenesmee Cullen is first seen in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1.’

First appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, doesn’t have any lines until the scene where she plays in the snow.

Although she was only born a few months earlier, she quickly ages since she is part vampire and appears to be around 8 or 9 years old at this point.

Playing outside with Bella and Jacob, she says, “Look, a snowflake.”

Her last words are a warning.

Temple Hill EntertainmentRenesmee Cullen says her last lines in ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2.’

Last appearance: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Renesmee’s last spoken line is actually shown during Alice’s projection of what a battle against the Volturi would look like.

In the vision, Renesmee and Jacob flee into the woods together.

Sitting on his back, Renesmee sees that there are vampires following them and yells, “Jacob, watch out!”

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