The First Airline To Charge By Weight Has Declared The Trial A Huge Success

Photo: Samoa Air

Some will do well, others will pay more.

Samoa Air has declared its world-first trial of charging passengers by body weight a success.

Its slogan: A kilo is a kilo is a kilo!

Chris Langton, the Chief Executive of the South Pacific island state’s airline, told Radio Australia the system works where a passenger’s body weight and baggage weight are added together to give a total weight and price.

He says: “We find that generally speaking if you look at any operation anywhere between any destination worldwide, a person that comes in at about 120 kilos or less will always be better off to travel on a pay-by-weight system.”

The airline is putting fewer seats in it aircraft so it can accommodate the larger passenger.

Samoa has some of the largest passengers in the world. The World Health Organisation says: “The greatest health threat to Samoa is the ongoing increase in noncommunicable diseases brought on by obesity, inactivity and diets rich in fat, salt and sugar.”

On the Samoa Air website: “Welcome to the fairest system for payment of carriage of anything by air. The world is now aware that charging by weight is the fairest way of paying for carriage.”

“No more excess fee’s are charged and no more discrimination.”

Samoa sits in the Pacific about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

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