The Finest Minds In The FBI Are Studying Al Qaeda’s New Underwear Bomb Found In Yemen

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The news came through the other day that U.S. intelligence had thwarted a terror-plot timed with the anniversary of Bin Laden’s deathAccording to the AP, that mission also uncovered the latest weapon of terror in al-Qaeda’s arsenal: an updated underwear bomb. 

At the FBI’s explosives lab in Virginia, experts are picking apart a sophisticated new al-Qaida bomb to figure out whether it could have slipped past airport security and taken down a commercial aeroplane, U.S. officials said.

The unexploded bomb represents an intelligence prize, the result of a covert CIA operation in Yemen that thwarted a suicide mission around the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, officials said. The device did not contain metal, meaning it probably could have passed through an airport metal detector. But it was not clear whether new body scanners used in many airports would have detected it.


The article describes the weapon as having a more “refined detonation system” than the one that failed to go off during the Christmas bombing plot of 2009. 

“The device did not appear to pose a threat to the public air service, but the plot itself indicates that these terrorist keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people. And it a reminder of how we have to keep vigilant,” said Secretary Clinton, while in New Delhi. 

According to the AP report there are currently no plans to change security measures at the TSA.