The final 4 boys who were rescued from a Thai cave still can't talk

Linh Pham/Getty ImagesThe last rescued schoolboys and their coach arrives to Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital.

  • The four boys who were rescued from a Thai cave on Tuesday night cannot talk yet.
  • It’s likely this is because they are weak and in recovery. Doctors say all 12 soccer players are in “good condition” after having been trapped in the cave for more than two weeks.
  • The first eight boys who were rescued can talk, but they can’t play, doctors said.

The final four boys who were rescued from a Thai cave on Tuesday night still can’t talk.

A doctor at Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital, where the 12 boys and their coach are being treated said the physical abilities of the final four boys is, understandably, yet to catch up with their teammates who left the cave on Sunday and Monday nights.

“The first eight can talk,” a doctor told media at a press conference on Wednesday. “No one seems too stressed.”

The boys seem to be going through progressive stages once they reach the hospital. Those who arrived first have managed to eat solid foods like rice congee and been able to take off the sunglasses they were wearing to help them adjust to more than two weeks of darkness.

The first four also saw their families first and were treated with some chocolate.

Doctors have said all 12 boys and their coach are in a “good condition” but remain on bed rest.

“They can only stay in their beds,” a doctor told media. “They cannot play.”

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