The Ferrari apparently owned by the real 'Wolf of Wall Street' is up for sale

Belfort FerrariMonegasque ClassicsThe 1991 Ferrari Testarossa once owned by the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ Jordan Belfort

A white 1991 Ferrari Testarossa once owned by the real “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, is now up for sale by its Monaco-based owner.

To prove its heritage, the owner claims Belfort’s signature can be found on the original warranty book and on supply invoices.

The car also comes with a set of matching luggage, in which the current owner claims to have found a $50 bill.

The car, made famous in Martin Scorsese’s epic film about Belfort’s exploits, is in excellent condition and indicates only 8,000 miles.

Fortunately — as the owner points out — it fared better than Belfort’s Lamborghini Countach, which had a few unscheduled meetings with a variety of other objects at the hands of a Quaalude-infused Jordan Belfort.

While the price is not listed, Testarossa’s are currently fetching about $150,000-$215,000 at action, according to recent results at RM Sotheby’s and Gooding & Company auctions.

It is also hard to gauge weather Mr. Belfort’s particular reputation will help boost the value of this Testarossa.

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